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VOGUE – At a music industry conference this week in Singapore, Katy Perry’s manager, Steven Jensen, reportedly said that Perry “plans to release her next album by 2016.” This is surprising news, considering that Perry has been touring internationally for the past year and will not be finished until October.

But a new album means a new era and for Perry that seems pretty pivotal at this moment. She’s said in interviews that she’s wanted to reinvent herself and has even gone so far as to say that she’d love to do an album that’s 100 percent acoustic. While that’s a noble pursuit worthy of consideration, here are five things we’d love to see from a new Katy Perry album.

Go Country
Perry united with country star Kacey Musgraves in June of 2014 for a concert in which they performed each other’s songs for CMT—and the show was outstanding. KP should go full country for her next album. Perry’s campy edge and slight rasp pairs very well with the genre, especially Musgraves’s specific brand of relatable hits. Plus, it’s conventional knowledge that country fans are some of the last remaining consumers who love buying albums. It would be a sure-fire hit.

Work with Dev Hynes
Perry’s 2013 album Prism was a bit all over the place and about three tracks too long. She needs a fresh executive producer who can really shape her sound. That person should be Dev Hynes. He recently helped “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen show a different side of herself with “All That,” which he cowrote, and also helped craft Sky Ferreira’s moody 2013 hit “Everything Is Embarrassing.” He’s the guy who can help steer Katy down a straight path.

Ignore Taylor Swift’s Disses . . .
Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” allegedly about her beef with Katy Perry, is already setting records less than a week after the release of the song’s video. It’s sure to be a big hit this summer. The worst thing for Katy to do would be to fire back with a coded song of her own about Taylor. Any chance that it might be a hit is heavily outweighed by the potential embarrassment of a comeback statement falling flat. It’s better to take the high road on this one.

. . . But Don’t Ignore Her Advice
In an op-ed on the state of the music industry for The Wall Street Journal in 2014, Taylor Swift wrote that musicians in this age will have to constantly “surprise” their fans if they want to stay relevant. “I believe couples can stay in love for decades if they just continue to surprise each other, so why can’t this love affair exist between an artist and their fans?” she wrote. This is advice that Katy Perry, who has always embraced a pretty conventional release cycle, should take to heart.

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The site Daily Telegraphy posted a new interview where she talks about Katy moving on after her broken marriage , her moral compass intact and living free of fear

WHENEVER I have met Katy Perry, I am struck by how tiny and fragile she seems. Her eyes are always so large and emotive.

She gives the impression of being sad yet she is a powerhouse at marketing her own tragedy and drama. She has nearly 70 million Twitter followers — a Katy Perry nation largely made up of teenage girls barely half her age — 29 years old.

Katy Perry performs in Macau: “Touring is important to me. It’s like a big IOU to my fans

Yet those young women struggling with so many issues relating to self-worth and validation are able to identify with Perry and her increasingly confident persona. Make no mistake about it, though — Katy Perry is a rebel. Her parents were born-again Christian evangelical preachers and her tween years were a non-stop Jesus camp where even The Smurfs were forbidden TV fare. Her early musical tastes fell into the realm of gospel and Christian rock.

Who could have predicted that Katy would emerge as one of the top-selling pop artists of her time. No one has had five consecutive No.1s from the same album since Michael Jackson did it with Thriller. Perry is in the midst of a non-stop, year-long world tour. Her fans love her powerful stage presence and she feels a responsibility to stay connected to her millions of followers in countries ranging from the UK to Germany to Japan and Australia.

She seems as vulnerable as she is fierce.

“I like putting all the things, all the lessons I have learned, and all the things I’m inspired by into songs.”

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Hello! I made a big update gallery on the years 2006 to 2008 in Public Appearances. Do not forget to always check the Gallery Katy Source because I am constantly updating. If you are looking for any images that have not yet posted in the gallery, let me know and it will be added soon.

Public Appearances > 2008
Public Appearances > 2007
Public Appearances > 2006

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By radio and music:  ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and ‘Dark Horse’ singer Katy Perry loves India, and would love to come back to the country. The singer apparently plans to come to India during the world tour of her next album, which is expected to release sometime in 2016.


According to Direct Management partner Steven Jensen, who is also famously known as manager for Perry and also former ‘American Idol’ finalist Adam Lambert, “She loves India and she would like to come to India. She plans to release her next album by 2016, so we hope to bring her to India after that.”

While attending a session at All That Matters in Singapore, Jensen also informed Radioandmusic.com that the chart topping singer would be more than happy to perform in India even if a promoter approached her for a one-off gig. The 30-year old pop sensation is currently on her ‘Prismatic World Tour’, which is in support of her 2013 album ‘Prism’.

During a session at All That Matters, he also revealed that Perry’s next tours will not include the same places she visited in Asia for her ‘Prismatic Tour’. This was part of the management’s decision, so that she could engage with her audience around the globe.

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Hello! Follow the news in real time. I am reopening the site after just one year break, I decided to create a twitter to make it easier and faster to keep up with the news. Follow us!!


And do not forget to like Dark Horse and Roar on Vevo to reach 1 billion views, becoming the first female actress to achieve this goal.

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Friday, May 15, 2015 – Katy Perry wears an Adidas track suit with matching hat for her flight into LAX. The pop star covers her face with her pillow, dodging questions about her continuing feud with Taylor Swift.


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